Vitamin E TPGS

(TPGS / Tocofersolan)

Vitamin E TPGS (polyethylene glycol succinate )(Tocofersolan), CAS 9002-96-4, is a water-soluble derivative of vitamin E, formed by the reaction between the carboxyl group of vitamin E succinate and the hydroxyl group of polyethylene glycol. OSAT Holding is a great Vitamin E TPGS manufacturer, we invested heavily in the R&D and production of high-quality TPGS. As a Vitamin E TPGS China manufacturer, We not only vigorously develop quality, but also are committed to providing customers with high-quality and low-price products.

Due to its combination of the lipophilic moiety of vitamin E and the hydrophilic long chain of polyethylene glycol, it exhibits excellent surfactant properties and water solubility. It significantly enhances the absorption of poorly soluble drugs in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby improving their bioavailability.

Vitamin E TPGS

In recent years, numerous studies have revealed that TPGS/ Tocofersolan, besides serving as a pharmaceutical excipient, possesses unique characteristics. It functions as an absorption enhancer and a multidrug resistance reversal agent.

In formulation research, researchers actively apply TPGS to enhance the solubility, permeability, and stability of preparations in prodrugs, micelles, liposomes, and TPGS-copolymer carriers. This enables the promotion of drug absorption through sustained, controlled release, and targeted effects. Similarly, researchers extensively utilize it as a solubilizer, absorption enhancer, emulsifier, and carrier in various drug delivery systems, including solid dispersions, ocular, and intranasal carriers.

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