About OSAT Holding Group

OSAT Holding Group is an investment-oriented technology team focusing on the Chemical industries, integrating R&D, customization, production (investment and outsourcing), and sales.

OSAT Group R&D
OSAT Group R&D

Our main products are promising fine chemicals, such as Vitamin E TPGS, food additives, natural/ synthetic flavors, APIs, and intermediates.

Support customization, OEM, R&D, and production according to customer needs, market-oriented.

The market highly values Vitamin E TPGS, and industries widely use it in drug delivery and food additives due to its excellent solubility and bioavailability.

The food, beverage, and cosmetics industries highly demand natural and synthetic flavors and fragrances, using them extensively to elevate the scent and attractiveness of their products.

OSAT Group
OSAT Group

We have a strong R&D team that conducts in-depth collaborations with various universities.

In this era where cooperation is the core of development, we not only attach importance to internal self-improvement, but also cooperate with excellent teams for win-win results and strong alliances.

The R&D teams are all from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Westlake University, and so on.

We participate in global business under the OSAT brand, with the company founded in Hong Kong and factories concentrated throughout mainland China.

OSAT Group factory
OSAT Factory

Produced strictly in accordance with the standards of the United States, Europe, America, China, etc., and obtained corresponding certification.

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