Industrial Digital Single Pass Label Printer


OSAT 330S Digital Label Printer
OSAT 330S Industrial Digital Single Pass Label Printer

Support customization

1-6 Colors; the software can be developed secondarily according to customer needs

High safety

Printheads of 2.5-3mm, long printheads lifespan

High stability

CMY standby time is more than one day, WK is about 2-4 hours, can be printed at any time, no need to press ink, saving ink costs and time costs

Fast variable data processing

Image data and variable data are separated, no need for batch PDF conversion, direct database printing

Low energy

Approximately 5 KW of actual power usage, with power outage at night

Low odor

Imported ink with low odor and good stability is used

Less investment

Low investment in machines, focusing on practical functions

  • Printing speed:20-100 meters/minutes
  • Color Configuration: CMYK or CMYKWV
  • Printing technology: MEMS   UV Digital Inkjet Printing
  • Resolution: 600*600dpi (Feed direction can choose 600 /1200 / 1500/1800/2400/dpi)   
  • Standard configuration: winding and unwinding, web guide, Dust removal, tension control, printing unit, variable data system
  • Size:3000*1250*2200mm      Power: AC 220V 15KW  
  • 4 levels of grayscale VDP supported
  • Printing width: 330mm and unlimited printing length
  • Workable substrates: Coated paper, PP, PET, BOPP, PC
  • Substrate Width: 40-350mm    Max roll diameter: 650mm      Substrate thickness: 0.05-0.5mm
  • Optional configuration: corona, visual detection, static elimination device
  • Air Supply: 0.5Mpa   Humidity:20-80% sunless

Printheads solution 1

Epson S3200-U1


No. of Nozzles: 3200 (Net 2840)

120.2mm actual printing width

24KHz-48Khz    3.2-5-10  Picolitre

Printheads solution 2

Epson T3200-U3


No. of Nozzles: 3200 (Net 3176)

67.2mm actual printing width

Built-in heating device

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