Erucic Acid–Intermediates of Fine Chemicals

OSAT Group is a high-quality Erucic Acid manufacturer. Erucic acid (CAS: 112-86-7) is a colorless needle crystal. Very soluble in ether, soluble in ethanol and methanol, insoluble in water.In nature, it occurs in the seed fat and rapeseed oil of the cruciferous Brassica plant white mustard (Brassica alba), with its content being quite high. Sometimes, it may also include α-Hydroxy-15-tetradecenoic acid. As a reliable Erucic Acid manufacturer, we have a high requirement for quality and service.

Erucic Acid manufacturer
Erucic Acid (CAS: 112-86-7)

Used in the manufacture of synthetic fibers, polyester and textile auxiliaries, PVC stabilizers, paint drying agents, surface coating resins and processing behenic acid, erucamide, etc. it and its glycerides can be used in food industry or cosmetic manufacturing. Used in the production of surfactants (detergents).

It serves primarily as an intermediate for fine chemical production, facilitating the preparation of various surfactants, lubricants, plasticizers, emulsifiers, softeners, waterproofing agents, and detergents. Its derivative, erucamide ([112-84-5]), functions as a plastic lubricant. It undergoes hydrogenation to yield behenic acid, further processed for marine applications, preventing saltwater corrosion and deterring algae attachment on ship hulls. Cracking erucic acid generates pelargonic acid and tridecane dibasic acid, utilized in the synthesis of artificial musk, resilient plasticizers for low-temperature and light conditions, as well as nylon-13 and nylon-1313. These nylon variants possess unique characteristics, exhibiting enhanced water resistance, low melting points, and suitability for processing at reduced temperatures.

The production method involves using rapeseed oil or oil foot as the raw material. It undergoes hydrolysis through traditional methods (such as saponification acid hydrolysis, acid hydrolysis, or pressurized hydrolysis) to produce rapeseed fatty acid. Then, separation of it from rapeseed fatty acid occurs. After freezing, squeezing, and initially separating the mixed fatty acids, one can obtain purer one through vacuum distillation.

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