About OSAT Group

OSAT Holding Group: Our chemical products are mainly fine chemicals, such as TPGS, carbon adsorbents in the life science field, APIs, and intermediates for the treatment of tumors, cancers, heart diseases, and other serious diseases, as well as special industrial chemicals.

The R&D teams are all from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Westlake University, and so on.

OSAT Chemical Division

OSAT Holdine Group is an investment-oriented technology team focusing on the Chemical industries, integrating R&D, customization, production(investment and outsourcing), and sales.

OSAT team participates in global business under the OSAT Holding Group, with the company founded in Hong Kong and factories concentrated throughout mainland China.

We have invested not only in well-known manufacturers that have already established their scale but also in small and medium-sized manufacturers that are developing rapidly.

We take financial investment as our foundation and focus on developing the fine chemical industry. As a reliable contract manufacturer, we focus on investing in highly competitive chemical research institutes and factories, striving to provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective products and reliable services

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